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No Sleep Til Wakefield

Some guy organised some lame burnout competition for some huge number of bogans on the back straight of Wakefield Park raceway. We showed little interest in this. Luckily, however, they decided to dedicate the greater part of the track to a small drift day, a safe distance from the VB swilling rednecks, besides one named [...]

Driving Sports Drift Mob Mob Sports Drift Driving

Spent Saturday and Sunday out at the Peanut track. Ben and Josh bought their dad Scott, a drift school lesson with Driving Sports for the Saturday. Some call him Dad, some call him Boss, some call him Hit and Run garage owner, we all call him Modfather. We also came across a 600HP FD RX7 [...]

Esmerelda Strip-down

I finally own something more interesting than a white commodore wagon. After a 6 year love affair with Sileightys since seeing Initial D, I bought a 180 rolling shell on Sunday. Drove down from Sydney to Canberra for inspection and to pick it up. Greg, the past owner was a very good dude, and threw [...]