Winton Matsuri

For those that dont know, Winton Matsuri represents the pinnacle of grass roots drifting in Australia.
As one of the biggest Australia drift events, Vic Drift have brought the trend of multi day drifting festivals over from Japan.

So every year we work hard and get as many cars there as we can, the weeks before get pretty crazy, everyone pitches in, lots of late nights and early mornings, but we think its worth it.

Take a look at the pics and decide for yourself.


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The long road

Mr Hit and Run videographer Scott Mitchel is back with a pretty comprehensive wrap-up of our latest outing.

Two day vic drift matsuri weekend at Victoria’s Winton Raceway.

Big ups to Vic Drift for putting on the amazing event, and all the fans for coming to support us.

The Jabberwocky – Winton Prepped

Most of the team has been putting in long days for the past few weeks in preparation for Winton Matsuri, this weekend, but unfortunately some won’t be making it.Woods ended finding out on the dyno that his new engine was cactus, after pulling out all the stops to try to get on track for the first time in way too long.

BWaz, always the well prepared smug jerk, ready ages in advance, has managed to keep his cool, and put in some extra work. (more…)