Wakefield Private Day – 5DII Test Reel

Had our private track day on Thursday at Wakefield Park Raceway. The weather is always a gamble at this time of year. Unfortunately rain rolled in at midday, so the cameras had to go away and resort to rain-skids. Threw this edit together as a test reel from my 5DII with the minimal footage I got. Scotty and Mez are sitting on better footage which may surface soon, I’ve got a few photos coming, and Joey from Jacked It! was there so hoping his shots surface soon.

Lets party

Noah’s ark.

With all the biblical refrencences, you’d expect Jesus’ car to live up to a high standard,
and it does.
We here at HnR have much respect for our fellow team member, going against the grain and drifting something that’s seldom seen outside of club coffee meets and cruises,
a Toyota Jzx90.

have a look.