The Jabberwocky – Winton Prepped

Most of the team has been putting in long days for the past few weeks in preparation for Winton Matsuri, this weekend, but unfortunately some won’t be making it.Woods ended finding out on the dyno that his new engine was cactus, after pulling out all the stops to try to get on track for the first time in way too long.

BWaz, always the well prepared smug jerk, ready ages in advance, has managed to keep his cool, and put in some extra work. (more…)

Take what you can – Driving Sports Skid pan January

Nothing on last month in Sydney other than a skid pan day, but beggers can’t be choosers and you gotta make do.

Luckily the day brought to surface a few issues for the guys that they may have otherwise taken to Winton – like Brett’s fuel pump, Harley’s ignition system and Jack’s handbrake, as well as Tommy D’s big end bearings, and Ryan’s entire bottom end.

Carnage! (more…)

Blog Store – Now Open!

After months of you guys haggling us, we’ve finally got our shit together long enough to set up an online store.

It opened today, and has all sorts of different stickers as seen on our team driver cars, and support vehicles. Payment is via Paypal so it only takes a couple of clicks to have these hot off the press and on the way to your mail box.

We’re hoping this is only the beginning, with snap backs, shirts and all sorts of other stuff to come. Check it out!