Eastern Creek D-Day


With a planned early morning start all the boys rounded up their gear and made their way to HJ’s, all except Woods who was unfortunately experiencing electrical problems. After accommodating another relay we were all off and on the way. St Ives servo decided to consume the chassis rails of woods car and cease movement, soon fixed by obese children planting themselves on the boot. Arriving at around 10 Spicy didn’t hesitate to be track ready finding his way into the line before any of the others had even unpacked. Saturday saw large amounts of contenders placing their way on the peanut track but the determined boys seemed to contain a constant close placing in line. Mechanical problems were kept to a minimum but tie rods seemed to have been cursed through out the day failing on several occasions. Waz snapped and bent a pair, Spicy bending a pair and Flex bending an arm all which were resolved. Other than a couple of mishaps the boys once again went their hardest and enjoyed the bulk of the day sliding.

-Jesper Olesen


After a fierce red-stickering, Woods decided it was time for mods. The ones that’d been sitting on the backburner for too long. So on a Monday night we started stripping his baby down, prepping for paint. Roll-cage got pulled out and is yet to be painted, but will be media-blasted and powdercoated soon enough.

Car came back on the Thursday, painted by Magnet. Looked delicious, and was ready for 5 stud rear end conversion to finish the set. So much trouble with seized axle-studs, so one side is still 4-stud, but it’s close. Wound the coil-overs down too, and got it running for photos last Monday, but was way too low. Pulled the front bar off a ton of times, was sitting on the LCA’s and shredded a power steering line, dumping fluid everywhere. Soon enough everything will be sorted and we’ll get some real shots.

Eastern Creek – Twilight Drift

Friday afternoon H&R rocked up to Eastern Creek raceway for a mid evening-night slide amongst many of local and non local drivers. Off to a bumpy start Josh Woods copped a red label defect notice as he arrived at the entry gate of the raceway, with all anger parted they all carried on linking corners and sliding deliciously, until Hugh’s 180 mounted a jersey barrier.. on another note props to Josh Warren who on his first track appearance had most corners dialed
got bacon



Spicy’s 21st

Spicy had his 21st on Wednesday, and a bunch of the guys got him some goodies for his Sileighty, and took to his car while he was miles away at TAFE and none the wiser. Cage, fitted the rest of the wheels (18″ MAEs) and spaced, fresh bonnet. Fresh bonnet didn’t stay fresh for long. Looking the goods.