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Spent Saturday and Sunday out at the Peanut track.

Ben and Josh bought their dad Scott, a drift school lesson with Driving Sports for the Saturday. Some call him Dad, some call him Boss, some call him Hit and Run garage owner, we all call him Modfather.

We also came across a 600HP FD RX7 which terrified us. The fumes, dirt and paint took Waz’s sight away while on a passenger run. It almost mowed down Benny, while Scott sat in the FD’s passenger seat.

Sickest L Plater ever; Benny.

Sunday, Biggie, Jack, Tyrone and Joey were at a Drift Mob day, so we headed out then too. Good quiet day for a Drift mob day, and good to see Joey and Tyrone before our Raleigh trip.

Slow Progress

Progression with Woods’ car has been slow but productive. Off to the mechanics today for loads of stuff to be fitted up. We’ve cut all the intake piping up and it’s off to be welded today, then to Haltech at the end of the week. gonna be frothing when it’s running.

Workshop nights and the new Hit and Run garage.

Looking forward to things to come. Team member and nut car-builder Beau shreds. He’ll be at Raleigh. Excellent.