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Work days

Friday is a very good day to be drifting; on a list of good things to do on a friday, drifting is some way ahead of working. Since the Eastern Creek revamp, they’ve run a few drift days through the week, and some of the boys have been lucky enough to get to a few […]

Wakefield Private Day – 5DII Test Reel

Had our private track day on Thursday at Wakefield Park Raceway. The weather is always a gamble at this time of year. Unfortunately rain rolled in at midday, so the cameras had to go away and resort to rain-skids. Threw this edit together as a test reel from my 5DII with the minimal footage I […]

The Jabberwocky – Winton Prepped

Most of the team has been putting in long days for the past few weeks in preparation for Winton Matsuri, this weekend, but unfortunately some won’t be making it.Woods ended finding out on the dyno that his new engine was cactus, after pulling out all the stops to try to get on track for the […]