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Motorex 2010

Our buddy Biggie from Fast Fours invited us out to display in the Real Street display at Motorex, on Sunday. Unwashed S13’s + KE70 went well opposite 2SUS VL’s, haha! Had a good time riding BMXs, eating Maccas, and hammering tyler’s car in front of the hideous Queen St cars, but the best part of […]

The Future: Lewis + KE70

Now that my daily driver is basically paid off, when funds allow, I’ll be getting myself a granny spec KE70, and embarking on my first project car. Mad keen! On a boring and lengthy bus trip home from Uni one day, I came up with plans for my dream KE70 build. Thus far they are: […]


After a fierce red-stickering, Woods decided it was time for mods. The ones that’d been sitting on the backburner for too long. So on a Monday night we started stripping his baby down, prepping for paint. Roll-cage got pulled out and is yet to be painted, but will be media-blasted and powdercoated soon enough. Car […]