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Noah’s ark.

With all the biblical refrencences, you’d expect Jesus’ car to live up to a high standard, and it does. We here at HnR have much respect for our fellow team member, going against the grain and drifting something that’s seldom seen outside of club coffee meets and cruises, a Toyota Jzx90. have a look.

Kansai Giant – Rising Sun

They say good things come to those who wait, and Jono’s sileighty, is no exception to the rule. The latest update on whats promising to be an amazing car is as you can tell, the paint, and its amazing. More pics after the jump.

Winton Matsuri

For those that dont know, Winton Matsuri represents the pinnacle of grass roots drifting in Australia. As one of the biggest Australia drift events, Vic Drift have brought the trend of multi day drifting festivals over from Japan. So every year we work hard and get as many cars there as we can, the weeks […]