Work days

Friday is a very good day to be drifting; on a list of good things to do on a friday, drifting is some way ahead of working. Since the Eastern Creek revamp, they’ve run a few drift days through the week, and some of the boys have been lucky enough to get to a few of the days, so today we were out there, baking in the sun, and baking cheap rubber. Summer ain’t over just yet.

Unfortunately, after starting off the day with a few fun runs, Tommy D blew his power steering pump. After ditching the pump belt, he went out for a few more laps, giving the arms a solid workout, but not for long, before the turbo decided to crap itself. With none in stock nearby, Tommy was out for the rest of the day.

After years of slaving on everybody elses cars, Dale has finally got his own car sorted, and has seen some solid track time lately. Getting a hang of his 1JZ powered S13, Dal was mostly trouble free for the day, besides his coolant, which kept seeming to disappear, and so shared his car with Jack for the day.

Revision of the cooling setup is gonna see Dallas advancing real quick. Shakas.

As usual, the Vash was out there killin’ it, filming for Sydney Motorsport Park, and more recently, Sony.

Juzzo pushed though a tonne of setbacks, to have a real solid day on track. After seizing a turbo, snapping a rear knuckle, losing boost, losing dump pipe bolts, and whatever else I’ve forgotten, Juz fixed it all, and continuously produced on track.

Schembri has a habit of making smoke.

Of course, one of the Waz’s had to turn up to rep for Pythoncock Labs aka Big Country Labs, and their huge wangs, so BWaz turned up with JWaz’s car for the arvo session, and didn’t take long, despite a bit of misfiring, to get the feeling in the 2-steppin’ Sileighty, and kill it.

We’ve had a lot of fun at these South Circuit days, and you’ll see us at many to come. Got a bunch more photos on film, for the hipsters and hypebeasts, but I gotta develop that sometime.

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