Winton 2013 – Hot and messy

Well once again a select lucky few of us were on our way down south to Winton, for another epic Drift Matsuri, held by Vic Drift.
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Usual line up for the early scrutineering, with Jwaz and his low Sileighty.

Bwaz and tommy following with their Onevia and 180sx

Beau also made the trip down with the V8 LS6 S13

Muski and his mint-ish s14

Yoshi and crew, making sure shit is safe.

Gotta keep yourself rehydrate at all times.


And Stewy of course

Mez from Wreck Em, up to no good.

After the seco’ getting all anal about us hanging out, we made our way to the 5 Star ‘Leisure Park’ and got on the tins.


Up early and into Benella for some breakie

A few of the locals

Concentrating in drivers briefing

A few more NSW boys made the drive down.

Ender pointing out that V8s suck

Matt and Leigh Pidwell getting the red-ish heap o shit AE86 running.

Waz, tommy, and ben in line to head out..

Sony Action cams and 7d documenting the on board action

Waz did this..

..but after two short laps.. ATR2s failed and let loose..

Ben came back in with a nasty misfire, ran through the whole car searching for the issue, took till sunday afternoon, a swap from waz’s intake fuel pump and ben was underway, destroying afew pairs (After a couple of laps also) Photo – iBrettowski Photography

TommyD was in and out of the pits as well, broken rocker, cracked rear knuckle, blown fuses, dodgy wiring and running out of fuel, but still had a killer time.

Beau had little gremlins as well, a rather bad misfire, but found plenty of time to talk to his fans.

Sorry for the lack of on track shots as i was shooting video, but there are plenty of killer shots out there!


Another Winton Matsuri done and dusted, not a huge amount of track time for the boys, due to all the car issues, but we all had plenty of fun, and are well and truly in need of sleep and recovery.

Don’t forget, there will be a small video from the weekend in the making, so keep an eye out for it and ALSO we are pushing our under paid child slaves to get the shop back up and running with stock!


<3 Scotty & Hit and Run DC.







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