Wakefield Park Invitational Drift

With usual Media boys Scotty and Lewis out with  ‘real commitments’ such as work and uni, it was left in the hands of Kyle to do the coverage of our most recent Invitational day down at Wakefield park raceway…

Check out his write-up here.

The day started with Wood’s doing his normal drivers brief (which if you have never witnessed you definitely should) it goes something along the line of….”when the lights are green GO… TRY KILL YOURSELF, when the lights are orange SLOW DOWN somebody is dying and when they are red STOP somebody is dead….”

After the instructions from Wood’s the grid was lined up and in usual fashion of these days we were in for one of the most chilled, free flowing drift days that exist in NSW.

Jack was back after a crazy few days…he lost 2 engines in 2 weeks and put in a mammoth effort to get the car ready and tuned by the day…in true Jack fashion he started the day in an epic way, frying tyres and smiling around every corner of the track, unfortunately at around 10:30AM his new motor span bearings and ended his day….much to my surprise as Jack limped the car through the pits he was still smiling and told me later that the 4-5 car drift trains where “one of the best moments of his life”

Tommy D was back in the mix in his freshly built 230kW 180SX, driving the best ever has until he spat a turbo, unfortunately ending the day for him he really got cooking. With a full day under his belt we expect Tom to be right at home in his new ride.

Ryan in his Chaser was out to bake some tyres, and bake he did…I was lucky enough to jump in with Ryan for quite a few laps and I can tell you that he has such a fluent and relaxed driving style and is so quick especially considering his car is on the larger side of life……and don’t get me started on the sound it makes….think Angry cammed 1JZ with external gate bashing limiter……and well thats exactly what it is…

Biggie was out in the Zebra again, complete with newly acquired rear peep hole after his wall slapping incident at Eastern Creek, while riding with Biggie I was actually surprised at how quick his car picks up speed mid corner, whilst still being super consistent , I don’t t think Biggie had a single problem all day!

If you haven’t been under a rock the last few weeks you would have seen the shots of J.waz’s Sileighty with his new Driftworks gear installed….It is now one of the lowest cars I have ever seen….And yes he drives it at this crazy height….Under full noise the front/dump pipe makes contact with the ground…measured at about 2 finger widths while stationary….

Ive said it before but in all honesty these days are so relaxed and the amount of track time the cars see is insane….with a few of the other boys out still building/fixing there cars we invited some close friends down to party…

Joey in his ever reliable, unbelievable RB24DET 4 Door r32 was driving hard all day, Tyler in his 4AGE Ke70 was throwing his car around all day with amazingly high entry speeds ( the turbo guys would out pace him on the entry straight away only to have him on their bumper mid corner pushing them around the whole track), and newcomer Ollie was shredding in his 180 all day…seriously shredding!

Big shout out to Woods for organising the day and everyone involved in making it run so smooth…

If you haven’t already come down and hang at the next day…. we don’t bite much




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