Houston Shuffle

With Peter having recently swapped his 180SX as a rolling shell to Brett in exchange for the ‘Reaper’ S14 as a whole, we thought it fitting to release these photos taken just a couple of months back – when the RB26 monster was at it’s prime.

Oh Pete…

Famous for throwing a six-figure built drift car hard against any wall he could find, ultimately the time Pete spent with his 180SX was by and large on the tools and in the wallet, rather than at the track.

Fighting this uphill battle for longer than most would withstand, Peter at last decided to part out the car and jump behind the wheel of something ready to hit the track in reliable fashion. Hit and Run is and has always been about driving first – building cars is often little more than an annoying necessity, so we’re pumped on Pete’s decision!

That being said it was sad to see the incredible NUR powered 180SX reduced to a shell ready for sale. What a car it had turned out to be; quite literally a rolling wish list of all the most bad ass pieces of drift-related hardware anyone had ever manufactured. Pete had created a masterpiece, and now in the name of drifting he’s putting it to rest.

Few drift cars this side of top tier competition will see attention to detail like Pete poured into this 180, a leading fact as to why our own Brett Reid ended up deciding to buy the car off him as a complete roller.

So out came the engine and seats, as did the wheels and a few other bits and pieces. Brett and Pete worked out a deal which saw Brett part ways with his complete L98 powered S14 in return for the engine-less 180, albeit with the complete S15/GTR rear end, OS Giken RB25 gearbox and insane wiring fit out.

Shortly before this happened Pete rebuilt the motor with Nitto internals, fitting up a twin-scroll GTX3076 turbo package at the same time. Those with keen minds might remember that this motor was actually Brett’s in the first place, destined for the first incarnation of his black S14. Brett ended up trading the NUR 26 as a long motor with Pete for his complete 3076 twin scroll SR20DET a couple of years back, with Brett then doing a handful of days with the SR in his S14 before swapping it out for an L98, which Pete now owns. Confused yet?

So Peter’s immaculate conception is now Brett’s office. Pete’s an auto elec by trade, so it comes as no surprise that everything electrical in the car is invisible.

We’ve always loved this cage – everything you need, nothing you don’t. V shaped diagonal sets the design apart.

So Pete’s end of the deal saw him end up with the complete, running L98 S14 as a turn key. The shell was a little battered and the chassis bent after ADGP, so under mixed emotions he decided to re-shell before hitting the track.

The new shell is an S15, with the plan being to replicate the same quality that the 180SX had, albeit with a much simpler, driving-focused orientation. It’ll be wide body, have a basic cage and be powered by the complete driveline from the S14.

It’s going to be amazing, especially if Pete sticks to his guns and gets the 15 ready for Winton Matsuri in a handful of months.

As for the 180 shell – it’s already in Brett’s garage and slammed over his signature LXZ Kranze and getting ready for it’s new engine. Brett’s plan is to step away from flash of the camera and focus on developing his driving with a basic TD06 SR20DET package, backed by an OS Giken 5 speed and managed by a ViPeC. “I just want to have fun again,” he says, admitting that he didn’t always enjoy the attention that came with being the guy with the V8. We know he did.

Of course nothing Brett Reid owns can wear anything but BN Sports, so the aero will likely change pretty quickly too.

Happy trails


3 Responses to Houston Shuffle

  1. Steve B says:

    Dammmmn – that 180 was soo tidy.
    Seriously a piece of art.
    Thank you HnR for the coverage and the booties.

  2. Phil says:

    This car is deadset a masterpiece! Im a toyota man and this car just makes me wanna sell up and buy a 180 lol

  3. Kairo says:

    look really awesome, what use crossmember,brackets and mounts ?

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