Birth of a Prancing Donkey

The focus of long weekends can often just be extender-benders, but at HnR HQ it was a mod-marathon. The star player of late has been Jono’s Sileighty Testarossa. Which is mere months at most from beating it’s first heartbeat in many years.

When friday came, it was time to get the shell down to HQ so the boys could get as much done, over the long weekend.

In the 2 odd years that Jono has owned this shell, it has come a long way, from the skeleton he bought off Jack Sparrow, with his own flavour of custom fabwork throughout, and in recent times, a lick of paint in-n-out from Magnet. Gold inside, red outside, looks like the crown Jewels. Seems appropriate on the Queens Jubilee.

The main focus for the weekend was finishing up fabwork on the exhaust…

of which Jono has been painstakingly lobstering the entirety of, over the past while.

BWaz is the mod-gremlin, and is always hiding somewhere in the factory making or fixing something. The man decided he wanted to fix a few small leaks, so out came the motor, and on went some fresh paint. Unfortunately, we farewell the Fruit Loops Party Pack rocker cover. RIP.

HnR is doin’ the drifties, mango dyslexias at Monas, and Instagram.

With the fresh VS-KF rears already on, work was goin down up front on JWaz’s rig, to make way for the fresh fronts.


Meanwhile, in recent times, Big Al got sick of being the last of the NA Warrior’s and has been going through a full revamp and turbo conversion.

Most of the work is now done. Shouldn’t be too far off either.

Job done. No more needed.

The boys have been making it to a bunch of skidpan days lately, and all the cars are still alive, however BWaz has made a habit of Corolla Hunting.

Our invitational track day at Wakefield recently could have been blessed with better weather, rather than cutting video/photo action short, but it’s always good to see our boy Mez from Wreck ‘Em anyway. Hang out for some media coming from his way.

Reaper, or Repeater as some South Sydney kids misheard it, seems to find his way into every damn post.

Even if we didn’t get as much track time as hoped, we still found time for Maccas Breakfast,

shooting dice in the parking lot,

and obliterating trailer tyres.

Hopefully in not much time, everything will be in, lines will be run, wires laid, and we can debut Jono’s Sileighty to the world, no doubt to a Tupac soundtrack.

2 Responses to Birth of a Prancing Donkey

  1. scibO says:

    loving Jonos 180, cant wait to see it finished , out n about

  2. jarrad says:

    Hey guys I just brought a new pig and was wondering who dose the weld in cages like the red 180. and also could you give me a price if known cheers.

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