Tommy D, life and trials of a party guy

Hey bad things happen

Tommy’s car has had a pretty heavy couple of months – spinning a bearing and then being t-boned by Juz in the space of a season.

Before the latter but following the former the car sat in Jack’s carport waiting for the party shirts to come off and the suspicious engine knock it had developed, investigated.

When this finally happened the idea was that everyone would come over and yeah, help. People kinda did but really didn’t.

With the help of our mate Jindy the work got done, and although the big end bearings were cactus it turned out that the crank was perfect. A quick bearing swap was to give the engine a new lease on death.


So while some played with themselves and others played with horses, Tommy’s SR saw the light.

Jon took a little time to visit an old friend – his ongoing dragging BN Sil80 project which at the time was hibernating out the back.

And pretty soon the job was done. We’re not really sure why reaper was there


As with most of the crew, Tommy had entered Winton Matsuri earlier in the year. So the freshly fixed absolute beater of an S13 was strapped down to someone’s trailer and dragged 9 hours south to Victoria.

The engine survived it’s trial by fire however the shell met it’s maker when Tommy span and Juz couldn’t get out of the way, at all. Tommy reckons it hurt, although surprisingly ┬áJuz’s S14 was still pretty swell after the bang.

The cage Jon threw together for Tommy worked so rad. Some dude on the internet told Tommy his caged sucked a few weeks before this happened, so yeah eat a dick guy.

Tommy was sweet but the car was boned, so pretty soon after Jon ran down to Victoria again, this time bringing back with him a present.

As you can see it’s an S14/180 hybrid wearing a BN style kit and painted in fruit loops.

It’s already been tubbed and a tube rad support fitted, which speeds things up heaps. Thanks to whichever poor soul built this shell, and sorry in advance for what is about to happen to your car.

Giant flares will probably end up being discarded in favor of widebody, although not right away seeing as Tom ended up selling his 10/12j Works in order to foot the bill for a new shell/Mona. Plan is to just swap everything over and probably crash this one too.

So the road to party has begun. The old shell is pretty much stripped and the council complaints are rolling in. Deal with it, planet earth






3 Responses to Tommy D, life and trials of a party guy

  1. Kriss says:

    Bahahahah best shirt Woods

    Good luck with the new shell Tommy please tell me you’re painting t black

  2. Hansen says:

    well this sucks in a massive way! but hey it happens to the best of us mate! what your eta on finishing?

  3. Party Woods says:

    hahaha “Some dude on the internet told Tommy his caged sucked a few weeks before this happened, so yeah eat a dick guy.”
    well said

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