Noah’s ark.

With all the biblical refrencences, you’d expect Jesus’ car to live up to a high standard,
and it does.
We here at HnR have much respect for our fellow team member, going against the grain and drifting something that’s seldom seen outside of club coffee meets and cruises,
a Toyota Jzx90.

have a look.

A lot has changed since we last covered this car, the lead up to Winton Matsuri was quite intense, after spinning bearing’s drifting at Eastern Creek just 2 weeks beforehand.
A replacement engine was built and tuned, diff removed rebuilt and installed, bending up a half cage and new harnesses.
But with 16hr days and a little help from the team it all came together.

18×9.5 +20 (5mm slip) and 18×10 + 15 Rota Grids make for near perfect fitment.

Yes its still road rego’d.. for now.

Ryan still rocks his Traum kit, but at Winton his side skirts took quite a beating… thank God for cable ties and Juzzo’s supreme fiberglassing skills.

Billy installed a set of 3inch twin blast pipes, with sonic laser beam Ka-Pow death ray.

the powerplant…

Freshly rebuild 1JZ
ported head
cams / springs / Ti retainers
ARP bolts
ACL bearings
880cc topfeed inj

good for 282rwkw

sittin’ pretty….

and baking some.

Also make sure you check over in the wallpaper section, we’ve added a nice shot for the fans.

stills: Billy and Lewis.
action shots: Luke Hobbs… and two unknown, if they’re yours let us know and we will credit you.

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  1. Party Woods says:

    “Billy installed a set of 3inch twin blast pipes, with sonic laser beam Ka-Pow death ray.”
    you can get anything of ebay these days

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