79th time lucky – Woods’ Silvia

Look back through our blog, and you’ll continuously find stories of Woods’ awful run with luck, and constantly getting stuffed over with dodgy deals. It’s time for a change.After putting in weeks of sleep-depriving effort in pre-Winton Matsuri, to get the RB25 running in his car, and tuned, it was found 2 days before that the motor was junked, and wouldn’t be making it’s way to Victoria.

With a clear and focussed mind, Woods is determined to get it done and running properly this time, and avoid being screwed again. Fresh motor, and a re-wire by the wiz Pistol Pete, this time we plan on firing on all 6.

Ben’s new wheels are ridiculous.

More on that later.

A bunch of the crew rocked up throughout the day today, to lend a hand, getting the motor swapped, fitted, and running, if we were lucky.

Waz’s car was chilling in HQ too. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s back on track either.

Fresh party-shirt on, Tommy D self nominated himself as the H&R Tumblr photographer.

Tipper colour-coded his shoes and undies, but we’ll keep this PG.

We were constantly reminded why RB25s were not designed for S13s. Cozy to say the least.

Wouldn’t be Woods’ car if things went smoothly, but we got it in, and some of the electricals are back together, but theres a few bugs still plaguing us.

Staying strong, shouldn’t be long.


3 Responses to 79th time lucky – Woods’ Silvia

  1. niroshan says:

    love ur crews work and build on these cars fucking amazing :)

    1. Lewis says:

      Thanks dude! Appreciate it!

    2. hitandrundc says:

      Thanks dude!

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