Winton Matsuri

For those that dont know, Winton Matsuri represents the pinnacle of grass roots drifting in Australia.
As one of the biggest Australia drift events, Vic Drift have brought the trend of multi day drifting festivals over from Japan.

So every year we work hard and get as many cars there as we can, the weeks before get pretty crazy, everyone pitches in, lots of late nights and early mornings, but we think its worth it.

Take a look at the pics and decide for yourself.


Juzzo had the misfortune to blow two trailer tyres, right down the road from winton, to add to the drama a police car just happened to be passing by when he had unloading the 14 and was pulling it over to the side of the road.

After a little explaining he was free to go though.


What are drift cars without battle scars?


Big trailer for a big car…


All set up and ready to go.


Reaper had his L98 powered S14 running great. Well for most of the weekend anyway, a few hiccups with a faulty alternator and busted diff.


Though the weekend stayed dry and hot… and we mean fuckin’ hot for most of the time, there was still a little rain, a good time too cool down and mix it up.


Harley cutting sick in his ke70, he really stepped it up and proved himself worthy.


Nothing like drifting into the sunset.


BWaz’ car looking amazing as always.


Reaper putting on the smoke show.


Juzzo was munji-ing hard throughout both days, driving for fun, not for fame.


Jesus’ jzx90 was a big favourite amongst the 4-door-love crowd.


Biggie bringing the noise, and taking his driving to the next level.



And whats drifting without partying.

Our interstate member Taul Paul made the trip over from S.A, his car wasnt ready but he still came to party.

Once the sun set the mood lifted a little.

A Hit and Run Matsuri tradition. Bottle of cheap Sherry… everyone has to have a turn……

…..Even the Captain.






Big thanks to the following:
Scott Mitchell for his amazing videos and pictures.
Joey Canals from for some amazing shots of our boys, check their blog for coverage.
Vic Drift for putting on the amazing event.
and lastly all our fans that said “Hi” and bought merch, it keeps us going.


One Response to Winton Matsuri

  1. Ben Hansen says:

    Nice work guys! can’t wait to get the KE70 up tho winton, should have it up there April 15th just need to get a few things sorted and she will be ready to make an appearance :) not for drift though yet as she only has a little 4k engine haha!

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