The Jabberwocky – Winton Prepped

Most of the team has been putting in long days for the past few weeks in preparation for Winton Matsuri, this weekend, but unfortunately some won’t be making it.Woods ended finding out on the dyno that his new engine was cactus, after pulling out all the stops to try to get on track for the first time in way too long.

BWaz, always the well prepared smug jerk, ready ages in advance, has managed to keep his cool, and put in some extra work.I could sit here and write an article for half an hour, but frankly I’m tired, and I’m hoping you mostly wanna see pictures. Solid diet of Creatine, The Jaberwocky is now widebody, and has JWaz’s VSKFs under the guard, till the new wheels arrive.

Fuel system’s in, and DMAX is on, but the front bar was sitting at home, so it’s just the URAS for these pics. Also, Benny is repping the Captain’s new gear, P Plate Clips. Genius!

The exhaust was an outdoor heater. Good times


Look out for the team at Winton Matsuri this weekend, or staying at the Leisure Park.

If you see Woods, buy him a drink. If you see Jono, give him a kebab shower.

2 Responses to The Jabberwocky – Winton Prepped

  1. spicy says:

    thats my front bar how dare you

  2. Nice, we should do a “Twins” Shoot.

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