Crossroads – Spicy’s SR KE70 just around the corner

So it’s been 6 months now since we’ve said anything about Spicy and his much loved KE70.

What’s going on? 

Taking time out of his busy party routine, Josh has managed to make quite a bit of progress over the summer, with the engine now ready for final fitment.

As far as he’s concerned the body is finished, and the car will be making it’s track debut well before any kind of paint work even emerges on the horizon.

The suspension is wrapped too, with a tonne of lock released from the little Corolla – given the length of the KE70 wheel base, he’s probably going to need it!

While the engine is out both the cabin and bay have seen a coat of black paint. So much better than white, so much.

The change in hue has totally swapped out the mood that the interior holds. Cage has gone from impressive, to intimidating. Kinda scary now but everything will be OK.

Mechanically all it needs is a fuel system and a Haltech…

…and of course wiring. Aren’t cars fun?

This means that the next time you see the KE will be following it’s release upon the unsuspecting public, and wallpapers of the above (for the ladies) will be available at $10 a piece (no one rides for free).

Watch this space!









12 Responses to Crossroads – Spicy’s SR KE70 just around the corner

  1. Ben Hansen says:

    Awesome! loving this! gives me some boost to keep working on my KE70 out of interest did he use the nissan running gear or AE? so many people are tearing me between the two saying nissan screws geometry and to go with AE?

    Nice work though looks awesome! :)

  2. spicy says:

    haha good one.. it dosnt even look like that any more.. thanks but!

  3. spicy says:

    oh yea and its all 86 front end cause otherwise it steers shitty!

    1. Ben Hansen says:

      thanks bro, ill keep it in mind! :)

  4. luke says:

    Sr20 Ke… Shall be a good match for my CA KE70… Im running S13 front though!

    1. michael says:

      too bad he can prob out drive you so no match

  5. Neight says:

    Lookin gooood!!

  6. Matthew says:

    Hey man I dont wanna sound like a noob but what wheel are those?? I love them and have seen them on a few cars but not really been able to find out what exactly they are called.


    1. hitandrundc says:

      Hey dude, they are called Watanabes or Superlites. Hope that helps!

      1. Matthew says:

        Cheers guys!

      2. Robin says:

        could you please be more specific ? like the wheel size and offset ? thank you

  7. Robin says:

    can anyone let me know the size of those wheels and the offset please ? Thank you

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