Take what you can – Driving Sports Skid pan January

Nothing on last month in Sydney other than a skid pan day, but beggers can’t be choosers and you gotta make do.

Luckily the day brought to surface a few issues for the guys that they may have otherwise taken to Winton – like Brett’s fuel pump, Harley’s ignition system and Jack’s handbrake, as well as Tommy D’s big end bearings, and Ryan’s entire bottom end.

Carnage! We always break our things pretty bad, but not normally like this.

Sat around until the late hours telling stories, and working out how to fix the fleet of wrecked cars that we’re faced with.

Woods mainly just talked about pirates, and Wearnz about snowboarding – standard.

Lee from Driving Sports is the man behind most of the local events we attend. He’s a close friend of the team and the renaissance man of drifting in NSW.

Everyone got busy in the week since, emerging from one of the biggest party weekends on record with almost everything fixed. Thankfully Scotty made his way around and took loads of photos, you’ll see them all real soon.






3 Responses to Take what you can – Driving Sports Skid pan January

  1. That guy says:

    Nice jeans fagget^^^

  2. Tyler says:

    Is that disco stu ?^^

  3. revgasm says:

    good lookin cars and driving… almost impossible to find in a video these days

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