New home for Esmeralda

About 18 months ago, Ben and I brought Esmeralda home to Sydney from Canberra.

Amped to finally have something more interesting to play with, than my Commodore wagon, I got to work.

She went up on stands, and ideas started flowing. I ditched the idea of ever regoing the thing, and set about a no-holds-barred budget track car. Dreams of Rocket Bunny, 16’s, stripped and caged; everything in blackest black.

Unfortunately, since then, I’ve had 3 shoulder dislocations, bringing the total to 7, a fractured ankle, and 4 surgeries. As time went on, and I was barely able to earn money and get to uni, let alone work on Esmeralda. She’s also gone from Esmerelda to Esmeralda, when I realised I couldn’t spell.

Regrettably the decision had to be made, with debts piling up, to sell her. Thankfully she hasn’t gone far, ending up in the garage of our great mate, and part of the family, Dale.

She’s in good hands now. Dale was the person most intent on getting Esmeralda moving along, when I was limited. After having to get rid of his own project car, when moving, I know he’s amped to get back into something.

So on sunday, Ben and Dale rolled around, to get her on the ground, and move her down the road.

Dale is a livewire.


Crucial component was the Waz’s Airbagged trailer. Easy sailing.

Sad to see her go, but on to bigger and better things, once I’m outta debt.

Keep an eye out for updates when Dale gets cracking.


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