Kansai Giant – Adrenalin Shot

And just like that, it started coming together

Big news sports fans – Jono’s long running Sil80 project is over the ‘where is this going?’ hill and onto the ground – things couldn’t be happening faster.

With hubs, brakes and the entire D-Max catalog fitted up underneath the Kansai Giant rests under it’s own strength for the first time in nearly 12 months.

And not a moment too soon either – with a new plan of attack formulated the aim of the game is to have this car running, driving, wheel aligned and tuned for Winton – in less than 6 weeks.

With Woods’ bonnet and Todd’s old front bar the Sileighty is looking like a car again for the first time since forever, and with deity Ryan’s help this is a project which cannot fail. Even in the pitch black and pouring rain of summer in Sydney, how aggressive this thing is going to look was impossible to miss.

That being said, Jono has a comically large portion of work ahead of him, and not just on his own car either. Have faith!

Then, the next morning this happened



One Response to Kansai Giant – Adrenalin Shot

  1. Locky. says:

    I love it how so much work goes in to these cars but, for a reason! Not like the show whores that don’t even get driven!

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