Face Lift – Reaper S14’s tube front end

What did you think this was? Real life?

After an unplanned encounter with a Sydney Dragway wall late last year during big entry practice, Brett very nearly pulled the pin on REAPER as we know it. 

Luckily he didn’t, and instead it’s down at FAT57 so the Jones’ can give it some loving and make it even further removed from anything resembling peasant life. 

What this includes is the sealing up on the rear guards…

…and a whole lot of welding up front. So race right now.


With Beau’s brother and team member Harley doing most of the work it’s no surprise that it’s looking amazing. He sharpened his teeth on world class hot rods and show car builds,  before making the natural progression to working for Brett. It’s science really

But will it make Winton with the rest of the crew? Only time will tell. With sponsors to please and competition season growing closer, Brett’s eyes are on the prize and 2012 is set to be a massive year for this internet superstar. 




8 Responses to Face Lift – Reaper S14’s tube front end

  1. Buddy says:

    Brett… Take my to pleasure town

  2. Stus15 says:

    Love your work Brett, just needs more chicks posing naked!

  3. The Goblin says:

    The legend is ruined

    1. Cause spray foam was such a good idea….

      1. Buddy says:

        It was a $80.000 car

  4. harley says:

    will be a $100,000 + car once its done! an will be THE legend, much beyond wat it ever was!

    1. Buddy says:

      It will be sick and it will probably bag 2nd or 3rd as long as it has a pod filter. But it will never be the green goblin.

  5. Darkhorse says:

    But nothing will ever BE the green goblin.

    However that shit sounds insane, saw a few runs tonight, was annoyed that I couldn’t find a decent spot to watch the real drifting, but I tell you what…

    When this thing is coming, you know about it. DAMN

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