No Surrender – Loveless S13 in colour

Yeah he did

After cutting it up to within an inch of it’s existence, Beau has brought Loveless back in a big way.

Pink or not Daken is ready for war – tube frame, crash bars, tin work and rivets run this town.

Part hot rod, part comp car and part get-it-done backyarder. It’s pretty hard to put a name to what Beau has done with his S13.

As if it doesn’t rock but

Of course the exterior of the car will be black as hell, although the inside stands to be somewhat more light hearted. “I wanted the color inside to remind me not to take anything too seriously” Beau shrugs of the pink.

With just as much ahead of him as behind, our boy is pushing to make Winton Matsuri – an event that is shaping up to feature the majority of the HnR team.

Of course when it came to aero none stood a chance.

Just watch this thing explode into life over the next 6 weeks



5 Responses to No Surrender – Loveless S13 in colour

  1. kmakzi says:

    so much awesome,can wait to see the finished product. good work beau

  2. Mercer says:

    Great progress! Looking forward to driving with you this year!

  3. lorenzo says:

    cool build,more info on the work done on this car? :)

  4. lorenzo says:

    nice work!! any news for this build,hope to see it runing and skidding!

    1. hitandrundc says:

      Parts have been arriving, but it’s mostly sat untouched, cos Beau’s saving dollars for him and Jacks USA trip. We’ll get an update cranking as soon as things are happening again!

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