That’s a huge bitch! Ryan’s Traum JZX90 Chaser

We’ve come to realize that there are two types of Toyota drifters in the world – those who think they are better than you because they make less power than you do, and those who think the same because they make more.

Homeboy Ryan of course yields from the latter category. Click through the jump to check out his super rare single turbo JZX90, the only sedan on the team.

Doubling as his daily drive, Ryan’s ┬áTraum-aero JZX90 is the car everyone else wishes they owned instead.

This is heaps of the reason why – a GT3076 BC264 combination that makes 286kW on 16psi and pump. It’s an utter menace once the gate cracks and the 1J is hammering agains the limiter. Oh it makes smoke.

In a car this big people tend to get out of your way on the track. If there were to be an impact Ryan would be victorious.

Inside it’s still got all 5 seats, albeit with heaps of other pretty race car like shit which helps fill the aforementioned with easily impressed honeys – in theory.

Keep an eye out for this thing come Winton in Feb. Victoria ain’t ready


6 Responses to That’s a huge bitch! Ryan’s Traum JZX90 Chaser

  1. leigh says:

    interstate revelry.. wintons’ gonna be loose

  2. John kim says:

    Need more pics of the sexy owner of this beast car

  3. nathan s says:

    sweet another chaser to do tandems with, now we’ll have my jzx100 mkII, nic’s jzx100 chaser, and robbies jzx90 mkII with 1.5j, t67 300+kw monster, you guys in group c?

    1. Lewis says:

      Ryan ended up in D, cos C filled out

  4. Cassie says:

    Can anyone tell me where the rear bar is from?

    1. hitandrundc says:

      the entire kit is Traum

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