2011 Out takes – The stuff you don’t see

2011 was by far the biggest year for Hit and Run yet, and a lot of the time photos were being taken but we were all too busy to get the shots up on the blog – with this post it’s time to make things right. We’ve picked about 50 of the best.
In a way it feels like the team really came of age and everything just fell together and worked. Each member was feeding off the next and in turn this led to more extreme driving and building, but most of the time just wilder partying.Regardless, shit was an absolute blast.

The year was massive, and everyone had their own reasons. Tommy D for example, went from a bog stock N/A SR and D1Rs poking out of haggard metal to 300+ rwhp, external gate, wide body and a 10j/12j wheel combination.He also drove his car turbo for the first time, a late night moment captured below

For us though launching a Facebook was a pretty big move. We didn’t think anyone would even care what we do because frankly we never put a whole lot of thought into doing anything we thought people would care about. At the end of day 1 we had  63 fans and at the close of 2011 this had risen to just below 3000! I wonder if Jack Finn has heard of us yet?

Of course our fearless leader Woods drove for the last time in February, although despite his car being in the build for nearly 12 months now in 2011 he managed to help out above and beyond what anyone would ever ask of someone this angry. His list of we-owe-yous for the year include the HnR Christmas party, our Wreck ‘Em wakefield day and heaps of stuff you never see behind the scenes. Can’t wait to have him driving again.

There were times in 2011 when last minute decisions were made. This shot shows Jack, Jono and Ryan trying to work out what to do when Jack’s diff exploded 3 laps into All Day Drift at Eastern Creek.

..In the heat of the moment inevitably not all of these decisions are good, although thankfully in this case it was only the grass that suffered! Nice one Tommy! 

A few of the guys made the swap over from road registered to track only during the course of the year, and not always by choice

We’re not going to lie either – at times there were compromises. Planks of timber for example, make for horrible shocks. 

Compromise wasn’t a word on Scott Mitchell’s mind in 2011 though, with our very own in house photo bro getting serious, going nation wide shooting some of the biggest drift events around. On the payroll at last, kinda – enjoy it buddy.  PS those shoes still suck.

Of course this year a handful of the crew said goodbye to their SR20s in favor of something more substantial, such as Brett’s S14, Beau’s S13 and Noong’s S13.4. It’s hard to believe that this is the same car that’s windowless in primer grey with a DE just a couple of photos up.

Others, like Spicy, were just happy to own one again.

A special mention goes to Jono, whose incredible build would no doubt be driving by now if he wasn’t the kind of guy who’d drop everything to help a friend. Unlucky for him he had a lot of friends in 2011.   

Here’s a shot from way back at the start of the year. Jono’s Sil80 prior to being caged – bare as!
In 2011 long time V8 fan Wearnz tried his hand at SR20 modding and netted a whole bunch more kilowatts from his 180. He also did the most track days out of anyone else on the team. Except maybe Ben, who does too many. Another thing a lot of people picked up on during the year was how willing we were to take angle grinders to our cars to make shit work. The secret is to just forget that you ever planned on ever selling the car for any kind of any real money. This was a new school of thought, pretty much inspired by Beau

We welcomed a few new members as well, like Tipper and his FC – which unfortunately doesn’t have BN or an LS1 yet but we’re working on that. 
Given that we broke more shit than we ever thought possible during the last 12 months, plenty of time was spent hanging out and fixing ongoing boo boos 

Speaking of Ben’s car, E85. GT3071. Z32. World’s most expensive fuel reg. Got so crazy – big things on the way.

All of this aside most of the stuff that doesn’t make the blog involves us doing what we do most, which is nothing. 

What might 2012 bring? Comps? Merch on sale? Maybe we’ll just all fight and tear ourselves apart. Apparently all the best bands do that so that’d be ok too

No matter what happens – happy 2012 from everyone at HnR, thanks for the ongoing support and really just being a part of our ride – we can’t wait to see where it takes us next!


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  1. Chris Morahan says:


  2. Darkhorse says:

    It warms my heart to discover that the wheel of goon is still spinning in the suburbs… Haven’t seen that shit since the late nineties.

    Good work boys, good work.

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