Bring the Rain – Driving Sports Dec 22nd

Driving Sports had a long awaited Track Day booked for the 22nd, as opposed to the typical Track Night, that the team was really looking forward to. What started as a miserable rainy morning turned into a pretty great afternoon of driving.

But the morning was not without it’s problems.

The dampness sent Tommy on a 4×4 expedition, which didn’t phase the bodykit… for now.

After a few good runs in the morning, Big Al split a brake line, and despite best efforts, couldn’t fix it well enough to get back out in the arvo.

Unfortunately, Captain Woods can still only watch, and throw abuse at Benny from the sideline, as his shell sits at home, lifeless; but things are a’brewing at Casa de Woods.

Speaking of Benny; the Jabberwocky, now running on E85, has been not much other than reliable, and was skidding deliciously all day, but wait for Scotty’s video for proper evidence of that.

JWaz’s car is still being redeveloped, so he spent the day helping out, and passengering.

When Tommy rolled back into the pits, later in the day, he had some exciting news. He’d just had an intimate relationship with a tyre stack…

and when he decided to bail, she wreaked havoc on his recently replaced windscreen, and tear out the mounting holes on his widebody front guard. Thems the breaks.

Biggie had an amazing day of driving. Only hang-up was one tyre barrier, but the damage done was mostly kicked back into shape by JWaz.


After killing his diff early in the day, on Jack’s recently widebodied 180, Jack and Jono made the 2+ hour round trip, home to pick up a spare diff, and get the thing back on track for the afternoon.

The S15 cradle looks delicious.

Their efforts were well worth the time spent, to see the car come hammering over the crest on turn 3 in the last hour, and insta-baking the rears.

Couldn’t have wiped the grin off his face that afternoon.

Got FD? Will toast tyres. Always does.

We definitely need more days at EC, and the link-road setup worked real well. Thanks to Jack’s brother Tom for contributing some sick photos, too.

Yesterday was a long day, ending with a visit to the pub, and tonight holds the team Christmas Party at the RSL. Pity it ain’t at Ty’s again. Hope we wake up in time for Christmas. Hang out for Scotty’s video soon.

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One Response to Bring the Rain – Driving Sports Dec 22nd

  1. timmm says:

    nice work lads.
    where can i get one of those bad ass caps woods is wearing?

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