Hillbilly Hunting – Tommy D’s S13

December 15th 2011 was a day of progress for HQ. Bright and early Tommy’s Silvia made it out to the tuners for a retune. Now running a 2871 and E85, the car is being held back by the fuel system, using a GTR pump, but it still achieved a reliable 216kW at 17psi.

Back on the trailer, and headed back to Jacks, we decided to go shoot some photos of it, now that the car is mostly complete.

Take a track car to the middle of nowhere to shoot photos, and I guess horse training hillbillies in Ford Rangers are going to want to fight you for startling their pets. When we were ready to leave, they decided to come stalk us out in a pimped out Lancer, to talk tough. Time wasters.

Back at Jack’s, Jono and Jack were working on the 180’s widebody. It’s now on the ground, and looks freakin amazing. More pics of that soon.

Chrome will get you home


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