inter racial

We don’t normally mess with folk from out of town

But Adelaide guy Tall Paul is heroic. Check out his proper S14 What Paul lacks in BN he makes up for in swell paint work and knowing Simon Michelmore. His Zenki feats a Kouki rear end, Bersgalios and a 230kW SR which sees no love.

Tonnes of camber and all that buzz up front come from big booty LCAs and custom knuckles by the aforementioned high profile associate.

They look flat from here but Works are actually pretty big too; 9 neg 4 up front and 10 zero on the rear. ┬áChrome finish means he’s in check for 2012.

Other than that he’s pretty typical of the team – all party no business.

We’re gonna get him up to Winton for a 2 day event being held by Vicdrift later in the Summer, along with the hopeful debut of both Jono’s Sileighty and the Black Pearl, as well as heaps of sherry.

Until then he’s just gonna keep it whatever, that’s what goes on in Adelaide. Cheers to Holeshot for the pics.




2 Responses to inter racial

  1. macey says:

    this look bloody spot on!! love it paul from the high skies!

    1. Tall Paul says:

      cheers macey, looking forward to seeing your car down this way one day

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