Wakefield Matsuri

Biggie, Wernz, Big Al and Jack dragged the remains of their cars down south last weekend to partake in a 2 day Matsuri style event being held at Wakey. With Noong, Dale, Waz and Ben the supermechanic in support it ended up being a somewhat brutal bender and it’s safe to say we’re not welcome in Goulburn anymore.

Click through to see what went down.   The event itself was pretty hectic, with heaps of cars and all that. As usual Wernz’s 180 performed flawlessly. Gone are the days of 120 odd kW, with a T28 and associated supportables unlocking just around 190 at the wheels and a world of difference given that he gives the poor thing absolute hell. It’s got rego too, honeys love that shit.

Biggie killing them softly, we like his hustle. He didn’t like sitting around forever waiting between runs.

Big Al’s S13 is still his daily driver but this time round he opted to tow it to and from the track. Good option too because it ended up running on like half a cylinder by the end of the weekend. Heaps of real loud n/a skids happened before it played up though.

Jack’s new setup is pretty rad although a drive shaft boot that kept popping off meant he didn’t really get to test it out. Probably a good thing though as he was hungover as death by Sunday.

Big thanks to Ryan from The Lowdown, as well as National Driftographic and Eiji for the shots.


Pumped for the 22nd.







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  1. Bilson Feng says:

    Jack, start making Hit & Run singlets and ill wear them when i hit the gym lol

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