Wreck ‘Em Wrap-up

Well, we’re all back from our Wreck ‘Em filming trip down south to Wakefield Park; chuffed with the footage, and stuffed with exhaustion.

What a great trip. Pulled into town on Thursday, got prepped, and partied way too late, considering the long day we had planned for Friday. No chasing sheep through paddocks this year though.

Morning rolled around, and we headed next door to the race track, with 4 filmers including the helicam, and a producer. It was good to see car’s like Tommy D’s Sil finally ready to rock.

Below is a few snapshots of the day. I spent the day marshalling, and was only shooting photos with my left hand, due to a shoulder reconstruction. Few more shots sitting on film will surface in the weeks to come.

Benny’s was freshly tuned, and pumping out 220kW; however it reached 250 on the dyno, with the fuel system battling, but the engine showing no sign of slowing down. With Ben’s new surge tank setup sitting at home, and a tune update, we’re looking at surpassing 250.

Wernz aka Australias answer to Rick Ross, was the only one of us who made the journey down in, and tracked the same car.

Throughout the day everybody was getting closer and closer to the pit wall, initiating turn one. Props to the Waz brothers’ wall tags by the end of the day!

The performance of Pete and his car throughout the day were top notch. A few small problems slowed him down through the day, until engine troubles stopped the fun late in the afternoon, but not before getting a ridiculously good backwards entry clip.

Nobodies fibreglass was safe.

Tyler decided to buy an R32 the day before, to join the fun, and despite ridiculous offset and standard suspension, drove pretty well!

Besides mashing kit, Reaper threw his harmonic balancer twice in the arvo, stopping the fun.


Along for the ride were Jabbott, Joey, and the W3 Slide boys.

Stoked on the driving by the lot of them!

Billy’s rebuild finally surfaced, sporting 2-tone, DMax, and custom compact headlights. Dope.

Big Freakin Al was the only NA battler of the day, and pissed off everyone on pit straight, due to his straight-through exhaust.

Juzzo mashed most of his kit, and drove brilliantly, all day, i believe without a hitch.

At the end of the day, when we got back to the station, the whole team was ‘wrecked’, so we chilled, and ran amok infront of a time lapse photo shoot.

My 50/f1.8 has been dropped by someone. Sweet!

And that’s about it, til more media surfaces, or the DVD comes out. Keep a watch on Wreck ‘Em and the facebook pages for updates.

4 Responses to Wreck ‘Em Wrap-up

  1. paulie says:

    would love to see more shots and details of Billys latest rebuild/mods

    1. Billy says:

      Stay tuned, we will do a feature in the not to distant future.

  2. Big al says:

    Hands down best track day Eva! Can’t wait for more of theses days

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