17 days and counting…

Less than 3 weeks till our date with Wreck ‘Em, who will make it?

Click through the jump to find out

So on the 21st our buddies at Wreck ‘Em have got us booked in to do a private day down at Wakefield, and with less than 3 weeks left to go some of the cars are far from race ready. If you’re not there you’re a nobody it seems and everyone is really pushing to make it.

So who needs what?



Well, to begin with Billy needs a paint job


and Big Al needs an exhaust

Bwaz needs a clutch and tune


Jwaz needs an engine

Beau needs a heap of tube


and Jack needs a miracle



Not everyone is sweatin it though – Reaper, Jusso and Tommy D are pretty chuffed with their efforts. 


And a few of the other guys were smug enough to go drifting in the lead up
the nerve





Cred to Street Cover for the last few shots

3 Responses to 17 days and counting…

  1. Ben Hansen says:

    that super duper low ps is amazing!!!!

  2. Winson L says:

    Thanks for the link

    Crazy s14 !!!

  3. SLIDE EFFECT says:

    “and Jack needs a miracle” haha awesome. Build em and wreck em.

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