Reaper’s Chev L98 powered S14 kouki – Teaser Video

Last night we headed out rural, near the worst guy’s house to shoot some footage of reaper’s S14, now powered by a cammed Chev L98. The thing was mercilessly, and brutally deafening. I legitimately thought it had made my ears bleed. It did dislodge earwax though. Click through the jump, to see the vid.

Luckily the neighbours who popped out to say hi, were real friendly, but no skid footage just yet unfortunately.


12 Responses to Reaper’s Chev L98 powered S14 kouki – Teaser Video

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  3. ihatehnr says:

    this is what happens, when people have no brains.. ripping out a jap motor, to put a yank one in… sad day

    1. hitandrundc says:

      Everybody loves a keyboard warrior. Not enough guts to show their identity, who trawls back through a blog to take a weak stab. Top shelf, chief.

      1. Ilovehnr says:

        this is what happens, when people have huge brains.. ripping out a torque-less tractor motor, to put a yank one in… happy day

  4. X Kyle X says:

    There should be no excuses for yank and jap motor fights. It’s some ones preference. And it’s a 800nm preference that reaper likes not some peasant motor

  5. Paul says:

    hey dude, dong this to my s14 wanting to know what cross member you used or was it a buy offline bolt in kit.

    info on how you got the starter motor and steering rack to fit and how you got headers to go through.

    just stumped on a few things. and no one has one in a s14 up here to go have a look only people i know have it in a 33 and a e46 beamer and a s13 but it isn’t completed yet so he cant help me to much.

    thanks guys. much appreciated if you could answer those questions.

    1. Brett says:

      Hey Mate,
      I used a standard s14 crossmember and I bought the sikky kit from america. This put the motor in a good position however I had to then use the CRS (castlemaine rod shop) starter relocator kit to move the starter to the passenger side as this was the only way I could have the motor low and against the firewall and still clear the rack.

      Once you move the starter you have a bit more room for the headers I have 2 of the runners on one side of the steering shaft and the other 2 runners on the other side.

      Hope that helps.


  6. scott k says:

    this swap is awesome, tons of power whenever you want it.
    nice work

  7. josh says:

    this is my dream car ive been dreaming of having for the longest time.. man the money that must of cost building such a beautiful car, with such a godly sound of an engine. much props HnR you guys are like my favorite drift crew, lots of respect and props from California.

  8. John says:

    Could you tell me where you sourced you’re l98 headers ?


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