Kansai Giant – Jono’s Sileighty updated

Jono has finished his cage, and gee gosh darn does it look incredible.

Click through the jump to see it in kinda highish res detail Scott ducked around to the Jono pad last week and nabbed these shots of how his lady is coming along. Anything Nascar-esque turns out to be a bit of a crowd favorite these days, so the intrusion bars were a no brainer.

The cross bar close to the floor really sums up the meaning of life. We are calling it the Jono bar and fully expect it to become the big thing of the summer.

Actually there are bars everywhere. Jono reckons there is about 30 hours welding in total here, but he lies a lot.   It’s easy to forget that this guy is not a fabricator or workshop owner but rather a 19 year old second year apprentice mechanic, making up for his meager training in metal work with talent, dedication and swagger. Painting real soon, look forward to a red Christmas.



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