The Jabberwocky’s lung transplant – Ben’s S13

Ben has been hard at work on his S13 for a while now, with it off the track for some time.

A while back we had progress shots of him tubbing the front end, cos of the binding on mega-lock. Tubs are now finished, painted and looking daaamn fine! She’s also received 880cc’s on a new fuel rail, a lush looking fuel pressure regulator on speedflows, solid engine mounts, and a 3071 sitting on a Mazworx manifold. The intercooler has been flipped as well, for shorter intake piping, and less chopping up the fresh tubwork. Radiator will be slightly v-mounted. Last night while hanging out, Ben was lobstering his own dump pipe. Still to come is an elbow welded to the turbo, and a Haltech Sprint 1000, then a tune.

Trade secrets; ovalised piping flows great, and helps with achieving a driveable car, as low as Ben’s.

How low? Dat low.

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