Crossroads update – Spicy’s SR KE70

Heaps of bros have been bringing up Spicy’s new Rolla of late, so at long last here’s an update on the car set to replace his much loved 180. Click through the jump to see more.

Also not sure if we ever mentioned this but you can click on most of our photos to make them big and pretty. Explaining that he felt more comfortable in his old ’86 than he ever did in the 180, this time round Spicy has chosen to mix turbocharged Nissan performance with old-world Toyota feel.

Powered by his old SR20DET, the KE will focus on balance and reliability rather than all out power. Spicy just likes to party. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have a bit of work ahead of him. Thankfully our date with Wreck ‘Em has been moved back to October 21st, so he’s got a little extra time to get her running. Until then. HnR.

Once again fuck thank you Scotty Mitchell for the photos

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  1. Ged says:

    Hello, new desktop background. Keen to see more!

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