D.A.R.E. – Kyle’s R32

Good hustle at HQ, last night. Had family rocking up from all over Sydney, including the hicks from down south, which gave us a good chance to shoot Kyle’s car.

Unfortunately I did an utterly disappointing job of it, but gimme a break, I’m on crutches, and couldn’t hobble around with the flashes. I’ve grossly over-processed all the photos to hide my lack of ability. Better photos when I can walk.

Here’s a preview of Waz’s car being made more beautiful. It’s going to be ridiculously bed-wetting when finished. He was also working on a custom wheel alignment rig.

Biggie decided to smooth his hacked up guards, so took to them with an angle grinder, then Wernz got his bog on.

Most of us are just closet bogans in commodores, putting on a show to impress the internet.

Smuggin’ ain’t easy

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