For too many days has our leader been without a steed, on too many nights has our founder watched from the sidelines. For too many moons has our wretched Captain been without his infamous Black Pearl.

Woods is back.

So click the jump to check out Scott’s photos of his bad ass new build

After more or less completely destroying his old S13, Woods decided it be better that he discard the tattered remains of his shell and start afresh with a cleaner, less disease ridden  basis.

What he found was this cute tubbed S13 Oreo – black on the outside, white in the middle.

Of course there will be absolutely nothing pretty or white about it in a matter of months. Woods is a bad guy.

It’s dirty as hell from a 2 day long journey home in the rain from down south, but as you can see it’s got heaps of roll cage, tubs and a Todd bar up front. Interesting fact: It also has the worst steering wheel ever.

Gone as well is the old RB20, and in it’s place is to be this RB25 – currently being rebuilt by Biggie and his mates at Powerplay. Doesn’t look like much but like your mum said it’s what’s on the inside that counts. We think.

The plan is to have it kitted, dropped, running, tuned and setup by the end of the year. Actually way sooner than that if we can. The end of the world starts this weekend. FUCK YES.


2 Responses to GIVE NOTHING BACK

  1. Joey says:

    Be a man and rep that wheel…haha

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