Business as Usual – GO180 is back

As many of you know I made a bit of a mess of my 180 at Wakefield earlier in the year; ripped a wheel off, destroyed my fuel tank, ripped apart the boot floor etc – shit did absolutely not rock in any way at all. Although the chassis was still straight, the sub frame turned out to be fine and most of the damage was cosmetic, there was still a mountain of twisted metal in the boot which on a student’s budget appeared more than a little scary.

Thankfully here at Hit and Run no one walks alone, and all of the boys got involved by throwing their collective skills into the ring to help me bring back the music – well, minus a bit of body work anyway.

This week the finishing touches have been added in preparation for (hopefully) a bit of track time on Friday night, with the car coming off the dyno on Tuesday evening and the final wheel alignment having been dialed in by Woods last night. All that’s left is a few exhaust hangers and a whole lot of clutch kicks.

It’s good to have friends.



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