Hot Plates and diets.

We haven’t seen Billy’s Sileighty for a while,
but hes been busy…

Being the master craftsman he is, he threw together a very unique set of LED tail lights, they control brightness between parking and stop lights with pulse width modulation… we have no idea what that is either.. but it sounds cool.

and since his Sileighty seems to be getting fatter every time we see it, it was time to go on a diet.

oh god.

you can see why hes been putting it off…with 22years of dirt, dust, dodgy wiring.

……But thankfully no spiders.

He decided to take it one step further, and remove the unused stereo, and A/C portions of the loom…

and after..

a total of 13-14kgs was removed, from just the A/C, fan and heater setup… not bad for a crash diet.

But what about a demister you say?!

The following unit is planned to be installed, its a small fan/heater unit made by Siemens, originally designed for demisting small rear windows, and in conjunction with RainX, it should prove effective enough to create a port hole in the fog…
and at 338grams… can always install another.

and a sneak peak of whats to come.


3 Responses to Hot Plates and diets.

  1. darryl says:

    where can i get one of the heater/demister things? i’m sick of using a rag to defrost my windshield.

  2. sunang says:

    hey there champ where did you get your rear tail lights from? it looks sex man

  3. Lewis says:

    Hey man, as the article says, Billy made them.

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