Groundhog Day – J.Waz’s BN Sports Sileighty

Waz’s Sileighty has come in leaps and bounds since it’s moreso mediocre days of factory aero.

The car’s now running almost all BN kit, and nice boot wing-a-ding-ding, with Tyler’s Proud’s on the back.

There’s been a bunch of home-brewing parts going on lately. Waz and Birri have been working on the laser cutter, designing hydro handbrake setups, and Waz has been making strut tower tow-points, skyscraper-like shifters etc etc.

Plenty still to go with this one. We’re expecting the new Turbosmart 38mm wastegate this week, and the screamer pipe is ready.

Been putting a bunch of preliminary work into merchandise lately, as well, so keep an eye out home brothers.

See you on the flip-side

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