Waz Bros

HQ hangs, working on B.Waz and J.Waz’s cars. Ben decided he might as well pull his motor out.

He’s got a 3071 and a Tial 44mm gate going on this week, 880cc injectors going in, and Jono’s gonna be tubbing the Jabberwocky. Coolant everywhere, but mostly on Woods.

Nice discovering you have a URAS clutch.

Useless dudes.

Meanwhile, J.Waz has had his manifold off, switching to ext. wastegate, and patching up exhaust leaks. Shiny new Turbosmart 38mm gate arrives this week. Holla!

Don’t worry young padawan, he ain’t bolting it there.

Jono’s neighbour goes off.


One Response to Waz Bros

  1. captain waz says:

    I love seeing the waz bros in action!
    mum waz dosnt like the mess they leave in the sick when they get home!

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