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Sydney sucks when it rains; it gets all dark and no one wants to party. Well that’s a lie but this past long weekend a few of the boys did manage to keep themselves clean long enough to squeeze in some tool time down at HQ and some wheel time out at EC. If you’re reading this you know how it is.  

Click the jump to see what went down, loads of these pics are high res to so give them a click to to get a better look.    Big Al was hard at work on his bonnet; cutting and lifting the factory bulge for a more aggressive look.

His S13 is looking pretty amazing as well, being naturally aspirated due to Al’s license restrictions means that he’s learnt to make up for a lack of power with driving commitment and just generally being the angry guy on the track. He exploded his front bar on the figure-8 last weekend but JWaz fixed it for him. It’s a bit of a love story.


Speaking of JWaz, he finished up the final fitment of the new hydro handbrake Billy has been developing and has tested it to great success. Most of the boys are pretty keen on these, they look race as. These are going into production quite soon, and will be available at a great price, stay tuned for info.


Ben sold his suspension and a whole heap of other stuff off his car because he is about to make it awesome, but this weekend decided he wanted to do a few skids so he borrowed Woods’ coil overs to keep the good times rolling. He had a pretty good time on the skid pan on Monday, and apart from catching on fire his S13 did great.


Jono never stops working, he spent most of this weekend tubbing Tyler’s Silvia. To make things that little bit more extreme he tubbed the rear section between the firewall and the strut towers as well this time. Honeys LOVE that shit.




Of course watching a mate take to the front end of your race car with an angle grinder can be a little unsettling. Tyler didn’t seem to care though – he admits he’s probably just going to destroy the car anyway.  Jono on the other hand enjoys this kind of stuff. Sicko.  








King of the jungle


As always it wasn’t hard to find team members willing to lend a hand. This is what it’s all about.

By the time Monday rolled around Jwaz, Ben and Wernz were ready to rock. Driving Sports were hosting an all-day skid pan type event. Back when we first started drifting the skid pan was the most boring shit out, but these days some of the tandem runs bring moments hairier than full speed circuits. Cheers to Nick Turner for these flicks  


Nathan from Driving Sports linked us these on our Facebook page as well, thanks buddy.

SWaz towed Josh’s Sil80 to the track with his F6, but still found time to get out of the pan and monster a few random cars.


Not only did he snap the photos that made up the first half of this post, Scotty Mitchell also threw this quick video together of Waz and Wernz from Sunday as well, if you haven’t checked out his Vimeo channel yet make sure you do, it has sweet drifties and chicks kissing.




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