Tyler, the Creator

Since infamously being displayed at Motorex 2010 Real Street, like this, Tyler’s S13 project has come a long way.

Click through to see how far it’s come Starting as an NA beater, for some time now, the shell has sat between fabricators and paint shops, having work done, as parts for the LS1 engine conversion are collected and pieced together.

Last night, the shell made it back to HQ, for Jono to fabricate tubs over the weekend.

The cage fabrication is immense. Dale is sussin’ it out. Side intrusion X’s are epic.

When finished, it’ll be s14 faced, widebody, running an LS1, and will be off the hook.

It’ll get a lot busier right about ^ there, very soon. Can’t wait!

The other night Benny decided to give tube notching a go, and weld an X in the main hoop of his cage; which we posted progress of on our facebook page. Since then, he’s finished it off, and powdercoated it. Rad.

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  2. kriss says:

    cage is off the hook

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