cut ‘n shut – Kansai Giant update

A few people asked to see some more photos of Jono’s Sileighty project, which in it’s bare form has struck a chord with modifiers skillful enough to brave the challenge that only a ground-up rebuild can entail. Thanks to Scott Mitchell we can share a little more on this story. Click the jump to see the rest.

Jono’s Sileighty is making progress, with his eye on our date with Wreck ‘Em scheduled for later this year. As you can see, nothing comes easy when starting with little more than raw mechanical ingredients.

Taking a cutting tool to the smooth surface of one’s pride and joy can’t be easy, but Jono recently gathered the courage to press the angle grinder up against his Nissans metal and clear out that of the factory guards which the massive Origin wide body is going to render redundant.

He’s finished the seam welding and inside chassis preparation too. Check out the deleted rear seat backing plate and mounts. The design for the roll cage is in motion and will be used across a number of the boys cars.

But this one is in desperate need of a front end first!

The sub frame we showed you last time is in and the skeleton of the suspension is beginning to fall into place. D-Max coil overs are on the boat and just days away from having Jono’s Sileighty back on deck and rolling on it’s own four wheels after a long hiatus. Don’t worry, we didn’t know D-Max made coil overs either.



4 Responses to cut ‘n shut – Kansai Giant update

  1. […] Jono never stops working, he spent most of this weekend tubbing Tyler’s Silvia. To make things that little bit more extreme he tubbed the rear section between the firewall and the strut towers as well this time. Honeys LOVE that shit. […]

  2. […] highish res detail Scott ducked around to the Jono pad last week and nabbed these shots of how his lady is coming along. Anything Nascar-esque turns out to be a bit of a crowd favorite these days, so the […]

  3. Mike says:

    damn what rims are those on the first pic? <3

    1. hitandrundc says:

      Work Emitz, man

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