Varex Hardwire Mod

Birri came up with this ages ago, then we installed it in Benny’s daily, since the remote control was a piece of junk.

In Benny’s car, we put the rocker switch on the flat surface in the centre console ash tray, so he didn’t have to fiddle with an unreliable wireless remote.

It’s wired straight to the motor. Simple really, just 2 relays, holding both wires on the varex to earth; when the switch is moved one way, it triggers one relay and switches that wire to positive, so you now have one positive and one negative wire, and hence the motor turns the butterfly; when the switch is moved the other way, it switches the other wire to positive, and the motor turns the other way.

Since the varex is basically a power window motor, you’d probably want 30A relays, and an appropriately sized fuse.

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