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Just another weekend on the fringe of society

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Although skid pan days are normally pretty boring, the great thing about them is that they give the team a chance to just kick back, shoot the shit and enjoy watching each other nub it around in circles for a couple of hours. People say it’s not real drifting, I think they’ve forgotten what this is all about.

Anyway pans are a real no stress environment. There isn’t nearly as much prep work to be done either, leaving heaps of time to do things like get drank and mess around with cars which really need the attention…

…And do a few other things like throw the first prototype of TRK-DV’s hydraulic handbrake into Waz’s Sil80. After a bit of testing we’ll probably end up having these things available for our readers.

Waz also went for a bit of a different look this weekend. Here you can see him test fitting a new harness bar he spun up a few minutes earlier.

Jack’s 180 is on the mend as well, with progress being made on the fuel system that’s set to replace the ill-fated factory tank. Thinking of injecting a little 90s flavor while we’re at it too.

Of course fitting cells isn’t all glamorous, but that’s what we’ve got Beau for.

It’s nice when friends drop around to see how everything is going too. Our buddy Tipper rocked up in his freshly completed RX-7. In fact this was the first time it’s ever been driven.

Soon enough it was Sunday night and time to head out to the creek. What do you guys think of Loveless’ new bolt on flares?

Things were pretty gnarly between Josh and Ty on track, there might have even been a little contact in there somewhere. YES

Of course being a Sunday, most of the night was spent hanging in the pits nursing an assortment of barbaric hangovers.



PS All the photos that don’t suck in this were done by Scott Mitchell Photography

One Response to part of the crew part of the ship

  1. billie says:

    pretty keen on that handbrake seeing as ive been learning to drift without one for a while now.

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