this is reaper life

Everyone already knows that Brett mods on a level that most people aren’t even capable of dreaming, but shit is now officially ridiculous.

Yep, that’s an L98. A six liter, all aluminum GM V8 prepped to punch out more than 450 wheel horsepower with the assistance of a seriously cranky camshaft. Gone is the twin-scroll SR20 setup, and soon to be in it’s place is this lady killer.

With the new water pump fitted as well as the engine mounts and fresh brackets for ancillaries such as power steering and the alternator, the engine is very close to throwing one hell of a house warming party between the two Kouki chassis rails it’ll soon call home.

As you can see he’s got one of those sweet Sikky sumps as well, curing the engineering failure that is the factory Holden pan.

Just picture this, but with a top fuel sound track.


Yeah, we’re pretty excited too.


8 Responses to this is reaper life

  1. Nick says:

    Very keen to see how this goes since i’m also wanting to run an L98/LS1 in an s14a

  2. George says:


    1. Fanni says:

      Dag nabbit good stuff you whippersapenprs!

  3. nathan ong says:

    insane. i will pray to the gods of ls1 for speed over his rivals

  4. matt180 says:

    keen to this going btw i was reaidn your ff feature today man good work gettin the cover

  5. j says:

    Might want to pray to the LS2 gods in that case….

    Nub’s car will cake. Wish i did this to my s13 200 in hindsight. Should have taken you up on that S13 LS conversion.

  6. brasher says:

    stepping it up a notch.

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