Kansai Giant

What drives someone to the insanity of buying a stripped down, barely rolling shell; the skeleton of it’s former self, only to build it back up?

Dedication to the creation of precisely what that person wants, and settling for nothing less. This dedication, Jono has in droves.

Some time after buying a stock standard NA S13 Silvia daily, which he converted to a Type X Onevia, drove daily, and tracked a few times, he picked up this genuine Sileighty shell, from our mate, Jack. The sole intention always to build a dedicated turbo track car, forgetting the limitations of a daily driven road car, P plates, and making up for everything that the NA daily lacked.

Time passes, and work continued. Dreams, plans, and goals amounted, as the windscreen suggests, and feeling limited by his budget, in a show of commitment, Jono sold up his daily Onevia, still owned by a friend of ours, to focus fully on the track Sileighty.

At the stage he’s reached, he’s now tubbed the front end, stitch welded the body, and chopped the radiator support, with the intention of a tube-frame front.

After finding the wheels he was after online, they were snatched up quick smart; a sneak peek into the future of the build, and a little motivation for him to see the car rolling. The wheels are Work EMITZ 18×10 -17 (f) 18×12 -17 (r) on Toyo R888’s, and yes they’ve been pink-markered. BALLER STATUS.

The subframe was pulled, fitted with solid bushes, and 2pak painted by the man himself. Loads of custom parts and creative personal touches lie around the garage, or stored away, for later in the build. The Rising Sun detailed perspex door cards for the gutted doors are a favourite.

Jono’s aim for the build is lightweight, with reliable responsive power, coming from a forged SR he already owns, mated with the wonderful T518z turbo. Much is planned for this car, and much is happening; but in the meantime, here’s some keyword teasers for future plans:

DMax Type 3 kit, Origin Racing Line rear bar, 50mm widebody, custom weld-in full cage, DMax suspension, stripped interior, S15 dash, and sprayed in Taniguchi Red. mmmmyeaahhhh.

6 Responses to Kansai Giant

  1. You really know your stuff… Keep up the good work!

    1. PETER WALKER says:


  2. Pete says:

    I don’t think it’s a genuine Sileighty shell is it? Considering they are uber-uber-uber-rare and you’d have to be insane to modify them considering how much they are worth.

    1. hitandrundc says:

      It’s stamped as a sileighty on the strut tower or firewall. We’ve been through all this before, and it’s hard to know for sure, but starting as a bare shell they’re not worth a mint.

  3. Cam says:

    Fucking awesome!

    Thats a serious project :)

  4. Ben Hansen says:

    Dude this is rude! moving to melbourne from the UK had a little drifting experience here so defo going to hit it up hard once i’m over!

    Nice work on the car first time on the site and will defo keep a keen eye on this one!



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