Flavor of the month at HnR right now is lock, and rather who can lay out the most of it

Click the jump to check out some of the crazy new setups

Ben’s S13 is the first of the gang to wind up with Harley’s hell new modified knuckle and LCA combo, the latter of which can be seenĀ HERE. A severe setup for a severe driver.

Juzzo’s 14 has been under the knife as well, he was already running RYO knuckles albeit until now there were pesky guards in the way.. or something

…But the gnarliest effort definitely goes to Biri, who in the last couple of weeks has pretty much re-engineered the entire S13 steering system in an effort to make spinning out impossible. He’s shifted the steering rack forward, messed with the LCAs and even moved the brake lines to allow his 326 knuckles and TRK-DV spacers to do their thing in peace. It’s beautiful.






3 Responses to steppin

  1. Matt says:

    Hell yeah! Shits getting out of hand!

  2. I can’t wait for modern warfare three to come out for PC!!!!

  3. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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